Personal Evolution – Start with this one trick


Often times, we find ourselves having think  sessions while attempting to occupy the fleeting moments of quiet in our days.  This happens before we glance at our 1960s Star Trek-impossible communicator, AKA smartphone.  Convenient yet infuriating, these tethers of daily tasks, GPS turns, swipe left/right for love, and video montages of cats in precarious situations have held us captive.  Pocket sized miniature computers pinging with push notifications that attempt to capitalize on our need to respond.  These “must see” notifications – whether they be #hashtags, emojis, or character limited responses – have become a way of life.

Revel in the notion that your existence is more important than the urge to respond with immediacy to every update, non sequitur, and #epicmeme.  

Let’s consider something that provokes us to take a journey past the “You won’t believe number 13” clickbait that is algorithm-derived distraction for our attention spans.

Something to consider:  You.  You’re human.  You process this information through the ability to read, listen, and comprehend.  You’re alive.  Now that we’re connected through the collective experience known as humanity, let’s journey forward.

I’m Fusco, one of the founding members of a non-profit called Set|Ready.  This merry band has begun a mission of cataloging and curating interviews from experts and everyday people.  The mission of Set Ready:

Deliver the how-to from those who do.

We intend to be a collection of direct-to-you, peer-to-peer insight through knowledge sharing.  This may be a lofty goal, though we are committed to providing realism mixed with the right amount of inspiration to get you motivated.  

“But, motivated to do what?” Oh, I’m glad that you asked!



Quest for knowledge:

Seek answers for questions such as:  What’s it take to be a barber?  An astrophysicist?  An obtainer of rare antiquities?  What’s it like to be a call center representative?  An auto mechanic?  An actor or actress?  What are challenges at different stages of life? In recovery from addiction?  With mental health concerns?  With physically adaptive needs?  What are opportunities with or without a college degree? To work with hands?  To use advanced technology?  To help others in need?  What is it like to transition from military to civilian life?  Work in a foreign country?  Live homeless?  Immigrate?

Embrace others:

You will hear from people that may not look, sound, talk, act, or think like you.  It is true!  You can learn from those who are not necessarily like you.  We are all defined by more than a single story. We are diverse individuals with our own experiences to tell.  Yet, we are still bonded by our humanity.

Set Ready embraces supportive dialogue geared towards expanding knowledge for all.  All are welcome people to join the effort from all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, creeds, sexes, identities, and nations.  This is a mission of unity to better the experiences of all who dare to be part of this caring connection.

Get Set|Ready:

Allow yourself to be inspired through your own exploration.  Surpass your own expectations.  Set yourself on the path to being informed and more capable.  Ready yourself for opportunities and hold fast to hope for the future.

We are always glad when you Tell Us Your Story.  Please feel free to complete the ‘tell us your story’ questionnaire as a way to introduce yourself and share.  You can also send an email to to learn more and get involved if you feel compelled to contribute.  We appreciate you taking the time and look forward to sharing more developments via our website and social media.