Set|Ready is a non-profit started by life long friends. We all have divergent career paths and life experiences but share a desire to help others achieve.

What we believe

  • Set|Ready believes in the value of all individuals and all jobs.
  • Set|Ready believes in the power of networking and building personal professional support networks.
  • Set|Ready believes in the passing of knowledge for continuous personal and professional growth.

What we do

Set|Ready empowers the workforce by educating, networking, and mentoring those entering the workforce, exploring and furthering their career potential, or transitioning from military service.

Our Motto

Set|Ready delivers the how-to from those who do.


Set|Ready provides our clients with high-quality content in a variety of easily digestible formats from contributors who work directly in areas of interest to our clients.


Set|Ready provides clients with cultivated professional networks to provide proper support and insight.


Set|Ready matches clients with selected mentors who can provide the support needed at crucial junctures of transition.


The goal is to be a knowledge sharing conduit for exploring professions, vocations, stages of life, and challenges along the way through the insight of experts and everyday people who do. Set Ready is a concise resource with candid interviews that are engaging and inspiring. Our initial focus is professions, vocations, and skills to help discover the “how-to from those who do” across diverse fields.

The target audience includes people seeking knowledge across careers, life stages, and skills. We will roll out a deeper exploring phase to encourage support and engagement among people on the site with an active knowledge exchange.  We welcome feedback and want to be a place for all to learn, share, and support.

If interested in being interviewed, please complete the Pre-Interview and we will contact you as soon as possible. Interviews will be in multiple formats to include written, audio, video, articles, and user submitted content. Thanks for your support!


Walter Coots

Hailing from the same city as the rest of the crew, Walter is a designer living in Austin, Texas. The son of a photographer, and allegedly the great-great nephew of the guy who wrote Santa Claus is Coming to Town, you could say creative work runs in Walter’s family. Teaching himself to use Adobe Photoshop and code webpages at a young age, Walter got his professional start doing web design at various agencies. He drew a web comic for several years, and after graduating college, worked for companies of all sizes, doing work in a huge variety of industries. Though his wheelhouse is user interface and user experience, Walter loves working on branding, illustration, web, and motion graphics. By day, he’s the lead designer for home health testing startup, EverlyWell.

Jeremy Fusco

As mystical as a campfire legend and as tenacious as a honey badger, Fusco is determined to advocate and support those in need, regardless of the challenges.  Fusco was born in Arlington, Texas where he spent most of his formative years as a devotee to punk rock, music in general, and film. Fusco found himself graduating high school early at 17, obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout (same Boy Scout Troop as Dustin), and entering Basic Military Training for the U.S. Air Force.  Fast forward 12 years, he was medically retired from the Air Force and found himself having to come to terms with loss of identity and changes to future plans. Determined to continue service to others, Fusco pursued Social Work through the University of Southern California where he obtained his Master’s in Social Work.  

His focus in Social Work has been in clinical services providing mental health counseling and innovative solutions.  Currently, Fusco works with Combat Veterans and their families to address needs including Moral Injury, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Readjustment, Depression, Anxiety, and more in an outpatient counseling setting.  Fusco’s family includes his wife, two boys, and two dogs.

Fusco serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Set|Ready with a dynamic group of leaders that join forces to “deliver the how-to from those who do.”  Fusco is a proponent of perpetual learning and exploration across the lifespan. He brings a penchant for public speaking, a panache for networking, and razzmatazz in the ideas and vision department.  He loves the outdoors, BBQ, history, building furniture, and turning wrenches on things.

Dustin Henry

Dustin Henry was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. His youth was split between being a city slicker during the week that spent weekends at his grandparents’ ranch on the east Texas Blackland prairie hunting, fishing, and carrying out other acts of tomfoolery. When his older brother joined the Boy Scouts, Henry tagged along until he was old enough to join the troop. His deep appreciation for the outdoors stemmed from these early experiences in life. Being involved in scouting was a profound experience for Henry, for all of the community service-oriented activities and training drove him to seek out a career in public service. It was also through scouting that he learned the value of mentoring.

While in college, Henry actively pursued studies that aligned with his interests. He holds a bachelors in political science and a master’s degree in urban planning. Since graduating, he has worked in state and local government as an urban planner, specializing in areas such as historic preservation, sustainable development, urban design, coastal resource management, and parks and recreation administration. He enjoys bicycling, photography, and camping as hobbies, and spends his free time volunteering with a number of local civic organizations, traveling the world and building friendships wherever he goes.

Henry brings to Set|Ready his passion for mentoring and deep appreciation for public service, his knack for data and spatial analytics, and his cantankerous orderliness.

Robert Veigel

Robert grew up in Arlington, Texas where he was an active member in scouting and garage bands.  After earning the rank of Eagle Scout and graduating high school he attended California State University Long Beach where he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in between eating at Roscoe’s and Waffles and surfing. He continued his postgraduate education while working multiple jobs in 2009 he earned a Master’s in Social Work with distinguished honors.  One of his jobs while completing his degree was as a school social worker, in this position he began to evaluate the intervention methods used with his clients from at-risk and underserved populations. Eventually, Robert’s curiosity led to him moving his way up into leadership positions with the Fort Worth Independent School District as he continued to develop his skill sets in data management, program evaluation, program implementation, public speaking, and data manipulation techniques.  Robert currently serves the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia as a research specialist for public schools where he conducts evaluations and research on a variety of topic areas including but not limited to: education, social justice, public health, college and career readiness, program implementation, career and technical education, and student/parent support services. Outside of professional arena you can generally find Robert in his kayak exploring the expansive waterways of Virginia, hiking with his family, or out in his garage tinkering on a project he planned to finish long ago but still hasn’t gotten “just right.” Robert comes to Set|Ready as a board member with a mission driven attitude ready to provide clients with valued and actionable information that is readily accessible by all who need it.